My husband and I are thrilled to be providing feedback on Ivy League Montessori. The owner is a warm, wonderful and caring individual and the supervisor is fantastic as well. It is evident that all staff members work very hard and it is great to see such team work in providing a nurturing and loving environment for our children with lots of love and hugs and kisses.

jia li

    My wife and I would like to recommend Ivy League Montessori (ILM) to any couple considering out-of-home care for their children. Our daughter has been attending ILM since October 2008 and has received warm and personal care by various members of the ILM team. Under the owner's oversight and management, we feel comforted and privileged knowing that our little princess is loved and treated with tenderness.


      My husband Raj and I are very pleased with our decision to enroll our daughter Riya in Ivy League Montessori School. Her development in terms of speech, social interaction and mannerisms has been tremendous. We feel pleased when we hear our 1½ year old toddler sing 'Happy Birthday' and 'O Canada' in her baby way. She has also learned to follow simple instructions. The range of activities at the school further broadens her horizons. We were especially very happy when the petting zoo came to the school and felt happy to see our baby feed the animals and ride the ponies. She enjoys water play in the summer and singing at the Christmas concert in the winter.


        It is our pleasure to add comments regarding the quality of childcare provided at Ivy League Montessori.The operator and her staff are wonderful people to work with and take the time to answer any concerns or questions we as parents may have regarding the progress of our children. They certainly have their hands full and all efforts are centralized towards making a safe environment. All of our child’s dietary requirements are met with on a daily basis giving great respect to parents’ wishes and religious requirements which is very much appreciated.


          My husband and I are very fortunate to have our daughter enrolled in the infant program at ILM. Our daughter has been there since she was 7 ½ months old and has surpassed all of her first year milestones.For example, we were amazed to see her walking at 8 ½ months and at the same time learning her first couple of words.


            My wife and I have toured many Montessori centres in Markham and Ivy League Montessori was the most welcoming and educational by far. My 3 year old daughter is attending this school and we are amazed at the quality of education she has received. The staff are very warm, welcoming and patient. They have many educational activities and extra curricular activities that enhance the education. They bake cookies, muffins and have hands on experience with materials that make them feel like "Mummy & Daddy" working around the house.


              We have been extremely pleased with this school. Both of our children have attended since they were 12 months old. Every morning when we drop them off they are very excited to run in, they give hugs to all of their teachers and friends. It is a great feeling to know that children are happy and safe when you leave them for the day. Our eldest child has several food allergies and the school has been extremely accommodating, they have adjusted his menu to make sure that all of his needs are met. This was a big concern for us, and they have done everything possible to help us. The staff are wonderful, caring and helpful. The children have developed great values and social skills in addition to the academic learning they receive. The school is clean and well maintained.


                English Translation: We decided to move in September last year to Markham. Along with the move we have experienced the joy and sadness, all with our first child and have been fortunate to choose Ivy League Montessori (ILM) as our baby's school. The Supervisor and teachers are so fond of all the children. Every time I go to pick up my baby we see so much love, care, hugs and kisses from him, we feel so very warm.