这其中我们一直庆幸能够选择了ILM作为我们宝宝的幼儿园。这里的SUPERVISOR和老师 们都是那么地爱孩子,


我们最初选择这里是因为离GO TRAIN很近,没想到孩子来这里之后,每天都能给我们惊喜!内部的环境很整洁有序,

和老师们的沟通也成为我们每天必不可少的话题。她们乐于回答我们的每一个问题 ,


通过各种方法诱导他,也把各种经验和我们分享,让我们在家里也能够加速他的语言表达。宝宝的手臂皮 肤一度出现皲裂发红,


我们真的非常感激她们 的帮助!对于正在寻找幼儿园的父母们,我们郑重推荐ILM!

English Translation: We decided to move in September last year to Markham. Along with the move we have experienced the joy and sadness, all with our first child and have been fortunate to choose Ivy League Montessori (ILM) as our baby's school. The Supervisor and teachers are so fond of all the children.  Every time I go to pick up my baby we see so much love, care, hugs and kisses from him, we feel so very warm.  

We chose ILM because it is close to the Mount Joy Go Station.  Since Jacob has been attending ILM we've been pleasantly surprised with his daily progress. The environment is very clean and tidy and the teacher’s communication on the daily progress of our son is very important and essential to us. They are always happy to answer our questions, and are very attentive to each child.  Our baby is two years old and is slow to speak and the teachers encourage and coax him using a variety of methods to expand his speech. They also take the time to share all his experiences with us so that we in turn can encourage our son to expand his vocabulary at home.  Recently our son's arm had a rash and redness, the Supervisor immediately contacted to alert us and even recommended a very effective bath water and skin lotion that was effective and the rash disappeared within one week and the skin irritation was relieved. We really appreciate the staff and Supervisor at ILM for all their help and guidance. If parents are looking for pre-school care we strongly recommend Ivy League Montessori!