My wife and I would like to recommend Ivy League Montessori (ILM) to any couple considering out-of-home care for their children. Our daughter has been attending ILM since October 2008 and has received warm and personal care by various members of the ILM team. Under the owner's oversight and management, we feel comforted and privileged knowing that our little princess is loved and treated with tenderness.

More than simply the owner of the establishment, she is warm, notably accredited and experienced, while easily approachable and open to discussion. The owner also has a pleasant way and demeanour and has been highly instrumental (along with her dedicated and friendly staff) in the whole potty-teaching phase within which our daughter finds herself at this time. It is obvious to us that all staff members work hard at providing a nurturing and loving environment for our child. We feel privileged and fortunate that our little girl is learning new things every day - and rather quickly, within a dynamic setting. Our daughter is taught to be respectful and caring of others as well as her surroundings which is building a strong foundation upon which her future development and successes will be based. ILM offer many activities and engage in various holiday events (such as Valentine's, Halloween), not the least of which is Christmas - where all parents come together to celebrate and have the opportunity to enjoy watching their children sing and open gifts with excitement. As parents, knowing that our little girl is receiving well-balanced and nourishing meals, while receiving positive commentary on how well she is doing on a daily basis is the most rewarding part of the day.  Of the different trips and activities organized, our little girl's favourite surely was when ILM Team had an incubator in the classroom where the kids were able to marvel at the complete hatching process of baby chicks, followed by an educational trip to the farm. Our daughter loves animals as was so enthralled and excited.  

Thank you to all of the ILM educators and staff for your dedication and care.