jia li

My husband and I are thrilled to be providing feedback on Ivy League Montessori. The owner is a warm, wonderful and caring individual and the supervisor is fantastic as well. It is evident that all staff members work very hard and it is great to see such team work in providing a nurturing and loving environment for our children with lots of love and hugs and kisses.

As an annual event they host a fun pool party where the children have a lot of fun in a safe environment and towards the end of the year an awesome holiday party with a concert, Santa and gifts for the children together with dinner for the parents, grandparents and family members. They are taught the life cycles of different species of animals which is incorporated into the curriculum, based on Zoology which further enhances their education. Geography and Botany are other fundamental aspects of their education as well. Field trips are well planned and thought of to collaborate with Zoology, Botany and Geography.

Our children are taught at a very young age to take care of their environment and learn to recycle, compost and care for our planet, a fundamental element to our future. Potty training is an important aspect of building self confidence in the Toddler program and is a task that is dealt with in a fun environment.

We hope you will be as happy as we are and know you have found the best childcare with Ivy League Montessori.