My husband and I are very fortunate to have our daughter enrolled in the infant program at ILM.  Our daughter has been there since she was 7 ½ months old and has surpassed all of her first year milestones.

For example, we were amazed to see her walking at 8 ½ months and at the same time learning her first couple of words.

The staff at ILM are wonderful, so caring and loving and make our daughter feel at home.  It is evident from her reaction when being dropped off each and every morning that she is filled with excitement as she reaches her arms out to go to her teachers happily, which makes our morning that much easier.

In addition to having fun with her classmates, there is continuous interaction between the infants and the teachers to educate them with new activities and new words. For example, while the infants are being fed they are being told what they are eating in order for them to learn and understand new words. We are constantly shocked to hear her say different words while pointing at objects.

We are very thankful to have our daughter be a part of this school surrounded with such great teachers and a good learning environment. We would strongly recommend this school for other children.