Casa 1: 30-44 Months

Casa 2: 44-67 Months

Our Casa curriculum consists of Math, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial and Culture. Language materials and exercises offer an extension of exploration of the child’s verbal and written language. Children learn how to construct words and develop preliminary reading skills in addition to developing penmanship. The child learns to read by developing awareness of sound isolation through the Montessori phonetic language structure

Math activities and exercises help the child acquire concepts of numeration, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the decimal system. Cultural activities aim to develop the child’s understanding of the world and its extraordinary features. Students are introduced to botany, science, zoology, geography, history and art.

Sensorial materials present the first introduction to the refinement of all senses, discrimination of size, height, width and length dimensions, as well as geometric shapes.

Practical Life materials relate to the care of self, along with indoor and outdoor environments. These exercises enable the child to develop independence, concentration, self-esteem, confidence and co-ordination of movement.