About Us

Welcome to Ivy League Montessori School, where we follow the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Our aim is to nurture the development of your child without compromising his or her uniqueness or individuality.  We follow the Montessori philosophy using appropriate Montessori materials required for our programs, while stressing the importance of adapting to the environment based on each child.

The curriculum enables your child to achieve a high level of understanding all aspects of life.  Each child is given the opportunity of enjoying the art of learning within the realm of the child’s individuality and ability.

Your child or children are taught in an environment of love. Commencing from the Infant program our children are encouraged to believe they can reach for the stars. The Montessori philosophy is combined with ‘How Does Learning Happen’ to enable the child to explore, experiment, create and imagine to their fullest potential.

The staff are dedicated and committed to bestowing excellent care while nurturing and educating your child using Dr. Maria Montessori’s renowned method of teaching.  The first few years of your child exposure to learning and development is the foundation to learning. Our aim is to capture, foster and cultivate these moments in every child, encouraging your child to achieve a very high academic level between the age of four to five, as a result of our dedication that will not be achieved in other Montessori or Public Schools.

Ivy League Montessori is open during the year with the exception of statutory holidays observed by the Province of Ontario.  Unlike our competitors, we operate during March Break, PA Days and the Winter Break which enables parents to truly use their vacation for family and travel, instead of a filler for childcare.

Ivy League Montessori is a privately-owned corporation committed to providing a high standard of education to all students.  We are very conveniently located at the northeast corner of Major Mackenzie and Markham Road with easy access to parking, steps from Mount Joy GO Station, suitably surrounded by major banks, grocery stores and upcoming future growth. We pride ourselves on our friendly, warm and caring nature. We welcome you to contact us for a tour of our facilities.